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Our Mission

Main Street Princess Anne is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization working to enhance the quality of life in downtown Princess Anne to make it a better place to live, work, and do business.   Our mission is to help foster growth in downtown Princess Anne thorough the recruitment and retention of businesses, revitalization of the historic business district, promotion of retail and tourist activities, and improvement of the area’s overall visual quality. Established in 2008, Main Street operates in close cooperation with the Town of Princess Anne, the Chamber of Commerce, the Somerset County Historical Society, Somerset Historical Trust, Somerset County Economic Development Commission, UMES and building owners and merchants.


A charitable arm of the organization was recognized by the IRS in 2015 to receive tax deductible gifts and grants for the purposes of promoting historic preservation and beautification, increasing public understanding of the rich cultural resources of the town, and lessening the burdens of government.

Our Goals

  • Strengthen existing businesses and recruit complementary enterprises,

  • Improve the quality of life through cultural outreach and events,

  • Provide a vibrant place to live, shop and work, creating a lively sense of place,

  • Demonstrate pride in our community,

  • Preserve the integrity of the historic district,

  • Be a welcoming front porch for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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