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Businesses We Would Like to See

  • Coffee shop with donuts and fresh baked cookies

  • Barbershop

  • Consignment Clothes Store for College Students

  • Store Selling locally made crafts, such as paintings, muskrat fur hats, sea glass jewelry, UMES mementos,

  • Bookstore

  • Kayak and Bike Tours at Manokin Park

  • Incubator office for starting businesses, where there can be a sharing of a receptionist, equipment, utilities, conference room, etc.

  • Dog Groomer

Main Street Princess Anne: A great partner for business


If you are considering locating your business to Princess Anne, here are some good reasons to follow through:


Join our established businesses. The vitality of our Town is evident from the growing network and variety of retail, financial, food, healthcare, professional, and other business services already established.


Benefit from Village Appeal. Our Main Street is the heart of the township, a place that evokes pride, defines the community, and receives strong traffic all year long. The community works hard to keep Main Street Princess Anne in top physical shape including inviting window displays, convenient parking areas, clear signage, clean sidewalks, pleasant streetlights and creative landscaping. We are organized to continuously improve our inviting atmosphere, historic appeal and small town warmth.​

A Built-in Business Partner. Main Street Princess Anne serves existing Town enterprises. Our programs help local businesses expand into new markets, maximize the productivity of their property, and sharpen their competitive edge.


Strong Promotion. Main Street Princess Anne markets the district's unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, potential businesses, and visitors. Our promotion strategy forges a positive image through advertising, retail incentives, special events and marketing campaigns carried out by local volunteers.


Group Leverage. Otherwise, small enterprises can achieve big things through shared vision and resources. Together, we build consensus and cooperation that leads to recurring investment and appropriate growth.


Help us make Princess Anne come alive - volunteer or invest in Princess Anne today! If you want more information about relocating to Princess Anne, including business district expansion plans, available space and much more, get in touch with:


Carrie Samis

Manager of Main Street Princess Anne


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