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Steps to Opening a Business In Princess Anne

The goal of the Main Street Princess Anne is to revitalize the Town of Princess Anne’s downtown area. We are organized to look for ways to enhance the Main Street area including looking for sources of funding, seeking out businesses that could benefit from moving into the area, maintaining our existing businesses and looking for the best ways to advertise Princess Anne.


  1. Pick a location for the business.

  2. Contact the Code Compliance Director at Town Hall for zoning requirements 410 651 1818.

  3. Apply for a business license with the Somerset County Circuit Court.  The telephone number is 410-845-4840.

  4. Contact the Fire Marshall’s office for clearance on adequate fire protection. 

  5. Depending on the kind of business, other agencies will need to be contacted such as the Maryland State Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, and the Somerset County Health Department.

  6. Apply for permits at the Town Hall if there are any modifications to the building

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